Openbravo to End Community Edition Open Source Projects in 2020.

Openbravo announces EOS and EOL for certain Core ERP modules for Non-Retail customers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Openbravo ERP is built using open standards, around a unique combination of well-proven MVC and MDD development frameworks, executed by Openbravo's WAD engine.

Why is it revolutionary?

MVC (Model, View, Control)
MVC is a proven web applications development framework, which helps to decouple the database, user interface elements, and business logic. The separation of these elements into different files results in a more structured code, facilitating development and maintenance.

MDD (Model Driven Development)
MDD is a software design approach that relies on metadata stored in a dictionary to model the behavior of the application. This results in a drastic reduction in manual coding and fewer bugs, allowing business experts with little coding experience to configure the application to suit the needs of each enterprise.

Built on standard technologies
Openbravo ERP uses modern but proven technologies to meet the strict performance and scalability requirements of enterprise grade environments:

Java and Javascript
Openbravo also leverages on a number of recognized open source frameworks for a more efficient development process.

Key Architecture Components

WAD (Wizard for Application Development)
The engine, built by Openbravo, automatically generates the application binaries from the MDD dictionary. The files generated by WAD are compliant with the MVC standard.

Application MDD Dictionary
Stores the metadata which describes each element of the application and its behavior.

MVC Foundation Framework
A set of sturdy programming utilities, either selected from the best open source candidates available or built by Openbravo when no candidates are available. These utilities facilitate web-based MVC application development.

Operating Environment
Composed of well-known third party applications such as Apache http Server and Tomcat, and a PostgreSQL™ or Oracle® database, that can be installed in a multitude of Operating Systems, including GNU/Linux or Microsoft® Windows®.

Openbravo Cloud

Getting the most of Openbravo in the cloud
Accelerate your move to the cloud and focus more on your business by letting Openbravo experts take care of your technical infrastructure, and so maximize your omnichannel success.

Achieve greater agility and faster innovation
Achieve greater agility and optimize the costs of your technology infrastructure.

What is Openbravo Cloud

Openbravo Cloud is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud option. It offers retailers an infrastructure provisioned, operated and maintained by Openbravo that runs on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Openbravo Cloud enables faster deployment of any modification to your Openbravo solution. Apply changes in a single and centralized way in the cloud and ensure their immediate availability from anywhere.

Adopt a scalable and optimized cloud architecture

Openbravo Cloud is offered under a single tenant model. This guarantees retailers the highest levels of flexibility and performance to their Openbravo solution.

Dedicated to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, so allowing you to customize your solution in just the same way as if it were implemented on your own facilities

Designed for the specific needs of each retailer
Flexibility to add or remove resources based on your actual needs at any moment

Security policies are applied at each level of infrastructure
Cloud-based test environments are included alongside the production environment

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the infrastructure ensures retailers benefit from the highest level of performance and the highest levels of vigilance against security threats.
More than 30 health alerts and more than 60 performance metrics are continuously monitored in each environment hosted by Openbravo Cloud
24/7 support for critical incidents from production environments

Flexible backup and disaster recovery strategy

With Openbravo Cloud, retailers get guaranteed levels of server availability and system uptime that are difficult and expensive to replicate with internal resources.

Flexible backup of database, application code and configuration and any additional data files, providing different alternatives depending on the type of disaster you need to recover from
RPO and RTO based on chosen architecture, with a true recovery point for your database information that could be as low as a few seconds for high availability environments.

Supported by Openbravo cloud experts
Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a team of cloud experts in different areas. Get the most out of your Openbravo solution, and ensure 24/7 supported omnichannel operations.