ERP Selection Checklist

Selection Task
Selection Team

Select an ERP selection project lead

Build ERP selection team including key stakeholders from each departmental group

Randomly select a cross section of each department to form user groups

Identify external requirements for consulting expertise

Define scope and timeline for external consultancy resources

Develop selection consultant shortlist and gather references from previous projects for each

Identify C-Level executive sponsor for your project

Request C-Level sponsor support for when you present to senior management

Define management roles and responsibilities in the selection team

Create a map of current business processes to identify bottlenecks in efficiency

Identify the shortcomings of existing systems

Identify key business challenges you aim to solve with the new ERP system

Consult each functional department to discuss business challenges

Gather the system requirements of each department in context of their processes

Document requirements for the new system and assign priority values to each

Take final requirements to end user groups to gather feedback

Adjust final requirements in line with user group feedback

Identify total number of users who will require system access

Determine preferred delivery platform (cloud, on-premise, hybrid etc.)

Identify mobile access requirements (web-app, native iOS, native Android etc.)

Identify need for mobile device compatibility (hand-held scanners etc)

Define offline system access requirements

Identify language and currency requirements

Identify requirements for integration with existing systems

Document existing hardware environment

Document existing network environment

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